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UX Lead / Dec 2012 - Feb 2016
Director, User Experience / Feb 2016 - Feb 2019

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UX Education
User Experience Design
User Research
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Product Roadmap
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Contest of Champions

UX Design. User Research. UI Design. 

Marvel Contest of Champions (released Dec 10, 2014) has presented us with amazing learning opportunities. We designed the game with big hopes that many players will enjoy playing and interacting with our game. A few months after the world wide launch, we were blown away by the number of players who joined and play our game.

We have an amazing player base, with many passionate Marvel fans who come back every day to play our game, and our development team is very excited to continue building on the product.

 User Interface Design created between Scott Lindsay and myself in the first year

In the beginning of Marvel Contest of Champions, we dedicated substantial amount of time educating the team on what User Experience is. In a game design driven company, that meant having numerous conversations on roles and responsibilities and finding ways to collaborate and work together whilst making room for UX & UI designers to be able to provide input into design intentions for the product and user behaviours.

What was traditionally taken as Game Design responsibility at Kabam, such as user flows & wireframing was moved to UX design responsibilities to better leverage our expertise and background. We still remained working really close together to ensure that we are aligned on our product goal and the original design intent.

Userflow and Wire Reviews with the Marvel Conest of Champions team (the obligatory post it note picture :D)
Our team gathered requirements and future plans from both Game Design and Live Operations teams to design for scalability.

We started implementing usability testing, surveys, and focus groups into our UX design process to test our assumptions, and streamlined the way we receive feedback from internal and external players to improve existing pain points within the game. We have had external help to design and facilitate these testings as well as developing our in-house talent by training our UX designers to be able to design the studies themselves. I believe in the benefits of having a specialized User Researcher role but it is still important for all our team members to learn the foundation of User Research to truly appreciate its methodology. All our members have directly or indirectly participated in various testings, and we plan to continue integrating quantatitive and qualitative study into our design. 

Userflow improvement update we made to improve users’ experience

With the incredible number of players we have, our data science & analytics team is able to gather so much data that we can dissect and study to make our product better. This allows us opportunities to test out our hypothesises, and push the learning forward. However, a big number of players also meant that we would face many challenges - performance issues, exploit, many different user types, retention, monetization, usability, scalability, user expectations, etc. Although it’s not always easy to solve these problems, the problem solving processes through these challenges trained us to be better designers.

Onboarding Intention Workshop led by our team members, Jonathan Donegan & Roger Lee

The game started with very small feature set, and over the last 4 years, we have been adding more features and events to continue to engage our players. There’s a lot of UX debt that we would like to work on, including onboarding, foreshadowing some of the depth that we’ve layered on since the beginning, and general usability improvements that would benefit our power users. Balancing feature work versus improvements on the live product has been a very complex task with many constraints and considerations but we are finding better system to address it as we move forward.

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