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What I look for...

Something challenging. Something exciting.

The opening statement on my site may come across cheesy, but it’s absolutely true. I love the feeling of getting up in the morning, being excited to get to work, and tackling challenging problems with people I trust and respect — and that’s the high I chase in life. Thus, being a part of an organization and/or a group of people that shares similar passion is more important to me than a fancy title.

Over the years, I have been involved in many different companies and projects that need support at different scale. Through these experiences, I realize that I very much enjoy problem solving. Whether that’s solving problems for a product or designing processes to optimize a team’s performance, at the core, I need to be problem solving to be happy.

What excites me most about designing processes and organizations is that, it is the foundation of company culture. People often talk about Friday night beers and fun events as a representation of culture, but culture is about how we work  how we leverage each other’s experiences and learnings to come up with the best solutions possible for the product we design.

And if the job allows me to do both, especially for a product I care for, it would be my dream job!