About Me      My Thoughts

I fight evil by moonlight and play an uber interface designer by day. I am full of energy, dorky ideas, and sassy personality. I prefer to dress up as an awesome Castle Crasher over a yet-another-sexy-cat woman costume, prefer playing a game of competitive dodgeball over a night out in town. I chase adrenaline-pumping adventures, passionately fight for things I believe in, and, sometimes, I like to sit by the fireplace and play Martha Stewart.

Mostly, I spend my time playing a designer as searching for problems intrigue me while coming up with creative solutions keep me challenged.

I don't believe in aliens, fake accents, or George Bush. I don't get motion sickness, I can eat a whole bucket of ice cream in one sitting, and although I may not be the coolest kid on the block, I still know how to rock the crowd.